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Why New Food Vending Machine Act angers Vending Machine Operators?

The Victorian Vending Machine operators are upset and angry on the federal government’s new vending machine act which has created additional legal responsibility and food business registration requirements in relation to food vending machines.

As well as being required to register food vending machines with their principal council before 1 October 2011, food vending machine operators in Victoria are to report on their food-handling activities to their principal council so that the council is able to access the food safety risks associated with the particular food products and locations of vending machines.

Reaction to the new Act

The recently introduced change in the Food Vending Machine act has drowned a number of critical reactions from many of vending machine associations. The president of the Independent Vending Machine Operators Association (IVMOA) – Mr. Bob Goss told Australian Food News that “Recent change in legislation is not only of little use to legitimate food vending machine operators in Victoria, but also it does nothing to curb illegal operation of food vending machines”.

He also said that there are more than 70 principal councils in Victoria, which means there are large numbers of health inspectors from different councils each looking at the new legislation and interpreting it differently.

“The main issue, however, is that the only people that are being sent out information on the new legislation are those in the IVMOA or involved with it – our members are the legitimate operators. Yet we believe there are thousands of illegitimate operators in Victoria who are escaping the radar. If they are caught, they are subject to a fine from the government. However, these people are not being caught which is why there is not a level playing field” he added.

Some more comments

“We have no problem with regulation, but most operators involved in the IVMOA are self-regulated anyway. The new legislation is giving these legitimate operators more work and it is costing them.”

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