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Making the best quality user experience in your website

Websites that have a quality usefulness make the users not only come back repeatedly but also tell about it to others. Visitor traffic is the best method of prospecting customers. Let’s look at concrete ideas that can make your website the most useful one around. Here are some key points to consider:

1. Product information should be enhanced with photos, pricing, shipping information.

2. Use hotkey information on product pages to tie complimentary products together. For example: ‘Other customers purchasing this product have also purchased this….’

3. Allow customers to purchase products anytime – night or day.

4. Offer tutorials – ideally video – to explain the products and their use.

5. Offer full search capability to past purchases, products, and any other information on your site.

6. Purchases should be through an easy credit card interface.

7. Offer a quotation system to enhance personal service.

8. Avoid 24-hour phone support by enhancing help and online-chat.

9. All company documents should be retrievable and printable from the website.

Don’t forget to enhance your global search power through Search Engine Optimization!

Remember that your website address is your home and always include it in all advertising and correspondence.

Enhance your site, and watch the sales skyrocket!

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