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China Wholesale iPhone 4 & iPhone 4S Cases Review

Apple is a legend on its own. In a nutshell, Apple and iPhone is a window, it makes us more deeply understand the world.

All of these days, iPhone 4S is the heart of the press, and gather up so many highlights and add even more techo-goodness. Along with iPhone 4S hit the market in last week, some people may feel disappointed with the sameness of its exterior. Meanwhile, the early guess about whether
iPhone 4 cases
will fit iPhone 4S settled down finally.

As a matter of fact, compare to iPhone 4, the design and overall size of iPhone 4S has no major changes. However, the experts from China supplier TradingMic.Com contrast the two carefully except the upgraded innards, it turns out that the mutes button for iPhone 4S is downward adjustment about 5 millimeter due to the antenna's reposition, and the voice key is also a little different. Unquestionable, this change casts a shadow for the universal usage of cases for iPhone 4 & 4S. Therefore, some china wholesalers choose some iPhone 4 cases to fit for iPhone 4 & 4S separately. Because of
china wholesale iPhone 4 case
has a larger ports reservation. In consequence, iPhone 4S's mute button port is tight while iPhone 4 is just suitable. All in all, there are little impact on using.

The biggest question, of course, is buying guide. If you want to buy iPhone 4 back cover and use for iPhone 4S. China wholesale TradingMic can give some tips for it. Firstly, check out whether the mute key connector is large enough. Secondly, the original GSM antenna design has a little difference, thus, between the GSM and CDMA model iPhone 4S, at least one of the two will not work, a similar if not same design is probably being used. But whether it be GSM or CDMA, just as long as its the same as yours. Remove the bottom screws which will have "blue stuff," which is thread-lock, and compare your stock 4S battery cover with the iPhone4 cover side-by-side. Besides, some iPhone 4 cases won't protect the iPhone 4S, to the contrary, some iPhone 4S back cover will protect the iPhone 4.

In addition, China electronics wholesale TradingMic.Com (
) launched a large amounts of brand new iPhone 4 protective cases in honour of Steve Jobs, and the memory version of hard cases also fit for iPhone 4S. The plastic material design cases can shelter your phone from dust, scratches and shock. So, let your iPhone 4S on the go safeguard. Of course, wholesale supplier TradingMic.Com also offers various Steve Jobs version hard case for iPad 2.

At present, there are a few specialized
iPhone 4S protective cases
. It is said that Speck FabShell Burton case can fit both iPhone 4/ 4S, and is priced at $39.95 USD. Still, Hard Candy Cases seems to be selling different cases for the iPhone 4 and the 4S like OtterBox, suggesting that it's really a retailer decision.

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