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Moncler 2012 Men Down Jacket Black adventure starts within additional apple war

brand always bring our absolute is America's most standard design style, each season it tried to use different movement style to create a maximum sense of freedom, but 2011 chun xia Moncler Gamme Bleu series but will a movement to express stylist to freedom of hope, "fencing" is the theme of this one season, it shows that this a real fencing club, here, and you can see the fencing athletes on the gear, the suit is Moncler fill the whole show on field most representative dress, but stylist Browne always fencers suits and Star Wars of the clothing of war is associated with perfect, just and the department "Star Wars" film really a little had met while stylist is in uniform feeling, the design of the
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in consistent design style, such as for men of people wear 15, 16 century man leggings hip nakedness of grid, three colors of cover of pants, or small plait white shorts, and so on.

And we will also see a lot of lifelike single product combination, including white adornment of navy blue mesh fabric, metal color deficiency,
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is shammy or white and navy blue and white mesh prevent slippery, at the same time different sole fabrics of joining together the place of originality also is stylist, leather and shammy, metal pieces and poisson, like a cotton as the men defend armor, in this show, stylist Browne wisdom and his fencing the combination of garments are wonderful, and as the male models show also become abnormal strong for us to the modern men filled with a feeling of fear.

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