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Get the Fool’s Gold Celebrity Look with a Palm Tree Necklace

There’s no denying that Kate Hudson was hot even without her palm tree necklace in the romance/adventure movie, Fool’s Gold. However, there’s no doubt as well that the celebrity can’t seem to get enough of the necklace as she has been seen wearing it even off the screen thereby catapulting the popularity of the Tiffany and Co. inspired palm tree necklace.

To boot, even the multi-awarded singing sensation Rihanna was seen wearing the hot palm tree necklace. And if you think Rihanna knows no style, then nobody else does as she has always been at the forefront of style right from the start—even to the point of going against Lady Gaga herself.

The Tiffany version of the palm tree necklace is made out of a 16” platinum chain hung with a platinum palm tree charm whose inner part is covered with pave-set sparkling round diamonds. This naturally costs at least a couple of thousand dollars—which is not practical, in today’s economically uncertain times.

If one only wants a glamorous Hollywood look, there’s a more affordable, cost effective, equally glamorous solution.

Presenting the silver
Palm Tree Necklace
. Inspired by the Tiffany design, it can come in 16”, 18”, 20”, or even 24” sterling silver chain and a silver palm tree charm with pave-set cubic zirconia stones making up the inner of the palm tree. It only costs less than $30 and, if worn appropriately, is just as good as its platinum and real diamonds counterpart. Why? Because even the experts will have a hard time telling real diamonds from inexpensive cubic zirconia that even outshine diamonds with their ‘fire.’

Since 92.5 sterling silver is affordable and online silver jewelers (like Overstock Silver) obtain their jewelery by the bulk, enormous discounts are passed on to you—the customer—enabling you to achieve that Fool’s Gold themed glamour look without breaking the bank. Because you deserve to be glamorous without sweating it out.

If you are a man thinking of giving a special gift to your special someone in a tropical beach resort setting, there’s nothing more appropriate than a silver palm tree necklace.

Whatever variant of the
Palm Tree Necklace
you will get for your love one, no doubt she will love the elegance of its design, not to mention the celebrity look she is destined to get when she wears it on your next beach holiday or luau.

After all, if Kate Hudson and Rihanna themselves think the palm tree necklace is hot, everyone else are bound to follow. So make sure you wear yours with the confidence you deserve to make for the perfect Fool’s Gold look.

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Sterling Silver
Palm Tree Necklace
and pendants are one of the hottest and best selling sterling silver necklaces today. Palm tree pendants have always been a popular piece to wear on a night out, or even on your next tropical getaway. Some may refer to this beautiful Tiffany Replica/Knockoff Sterling Silver CZ Palm Tree Necklace as Tiffany style, tiffany knockoff palm tree or fools gold palm tree copy, replica fools gold necklace or even the Kate Hudson imitation necklace look a like. Visit for more information!

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