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Zero Down Payment Car Loans - How to Get One

Despite the plethora of advertisements to the contrary, there are very few car lenders who will truly approve car loans with zero money down. That said, dealers have developed several solutions to enable people to get a car loan with no down payment. Let's look at these methods in detail.

While “money down” may sound like nothing but cash-money, it can actually mean “trade equity.” This means you're able to trade in your existing vehicle, and the dealer will put the cash value of it towards your new car as a form of a down payment. In this way, no cash down payment is actually required! Additionally, dealers may actually inflate your trade equity as a means of helping you afford reach the down payment required by whoever your auto loan lender is. The dealers are as motivated to sell you a car as you are to buy one. So while the market value of your used vehicle may be only $1000, the dealer may not be able to find a loan that will approve you with less than $1200 as a minimum down payment. So what your dealer does is credit you $1200 ($200 extra) for your trade-in. Of course, this makes the price of your new car jump from, say, $12,500 instead of $12,700.

A second method that some bad credit lenders may consider is that some dealers will offer new car rebates from the manufacturers. Sometimes these can be converted into a down payment. But be sure that your new car rebate is in the form of customer cash, not a dealer cash rebate. Each of these options should help you to get out the door with a
zero down car loan
, even if your lender does indeed require a minimum down payment.

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